Our mountain hut

The building was originally an old farmhouse on the Hochschwendberg. Because of its extreme position, it was abandoned in 1995. Two years later we painstakingly removed the wooden building and, in its place, rebuilt to the original size.

The outbuilding was once a barn, which we also dismantled and have rebuilt. In winter, our guests can enjoy grill and tasty local Zillertal specialities here.

2009 we built a completely new cottage to the existing Sunnalm. The new "Sunnalmstubn" with integrated "Apés Ski Bar" was built with matured timber and is now the "show-piece" od the Sunnalm.

Let yourself be inspired by the unique flair of the buildings and the tranquillity of the beautiful mountain landscape; and treat yourself to a relaxing hour at the Sunnalm.

In 2016, we have built a new flexible winter garden.
This is especially suitable for all kinds of festivities, such as weddings, birthday parties, huts, etc.


  Schiestls Sunnalm
Schiestls Sunnalm
Schiestls Sunnalm